Elizabeth Danu

The Self Care Specialist



“I can honestly say, my pregnancy would not have been as successful without Elizabeth.  I am at 36 weeks and I feel stronger emotionally and well prepared physically for at the initial requirements of motherhood.  Not only is Elizabeth a wonderful and talented massage therapist, but she brings her experience and knowledge of energy work and holistic health care to each session.

As most mothers know, pregnancy is extremely stressful to the body.  My job as a Nurse Practitioner can also be physically demanding.  Elizabeth helped ease the strain of pregnancy during her massage sessions and gave me tips on how to maintain that well-being during the work week.  She even showed my husband how to massage me to help with my intermittent aches and pains!

Elizabeth also helped me sort through some emotional blocks that arose during my pregnancy.  She worked with me to target and eradicate issues  I had been struggling with for years in order to establish a better, stronger, core balance.  And again, she was able to provide me with tools to continue the kind of awareness that leads to further clarity and personal growth.  I know I will use these lessons for a long time to come.

There are very few practitioners that can so beautifully combine their learned skills and intrinsic personal talents so well to create such a powerful healing environment.  Elizabeth seems to do this effortlessly.  I feel so very lucky to have had her throughout my pregnancy.  She not only benefitted the health of my body, but also the strength of my mind and spirit.  What an amazing gift.”

Christie Chaudry, Oncology Nurse Practitioner


” She has the most righteously extravagant hands ever!”                                                                      -16 year old hospital patient



IMG_0161“I just received my Experience Energy session and grounding tutorial from Elizabeth.  When I began my time with her today, I was feeling anxious, very spacey and my lower back was sore.  Now afterward, I am more clear-headed, and I am feeling peaceful. I have more energy, and I am more awake and alert.  Best of all, my low back pain is almost completely gone!  At all times, I felt very safe and was I amazed in how much I could feel as I received an energy clearing from her.  I also appreciated her insight and feedback as she described my energetic imbalances and cleared them.

I really liked how Elizabeth took the time to explain what she was doing as we worked together.  The technique she taught for grounding was very unique in how it felt so natural to my body. I experienced a distinct shift in my state of being after “grounding” myself.

What I learned today will continue to serve me in my daily life. Now I feel empowered to know how to care for myself when I feel overwhelmed and fatigued.”

Susan Petersen, Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator since 1989




“Elizabeth Danu is an exceptionally skilled energy healer. As a result of our work together I feel more balanced, empowered, and receptive to receive the gifts of inspiration, focused attention and trust in my intrinsic gifts.  After one of her energy sessions, she shared an insight than was exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. I hope you decide to work with Elizabeth, if you do you are in for a treat on many levels. ”

iris 130 x 164




Iris Stallworth-Grayling,  hypnotherapist, mentor for women in their prime




“I have worked with many  healers the last 4 years to heal my past and move forward.  After working with Elizabeth, I finally see what has been holding me back and have some tools to move forward. LOOK OUT WORLD!”

Jacquie Farquhar, Event Planner and Organizational Ninja



IMG_0830v1 mom with Neville


“A skeptic, I’ve never paid a lot of attention to body work, chakras, etc.  Elizabeth wanted to see if she could help someone like me to feel energy, so I agreed to try it.  With her help, I located my chakras and learned how to ground myself.  I was a bit startled to feel her energy work over the phone!  I would not have considered myself a good subject for this kind of thing, but she broke through my resistance, and after the session I felt calm and energized. I am writing this now at a time of day when I would normally be falling asleep in my chair.  I will definitely be doing this again!”

Anne Pitkin, Retired Therapist and Published Poet



“You have the hands of Quan Yin”.                                                                                                                –Deborah May, Mills Peninsula client


“The Best 90 minutes of the month!”                                                                                                                 –Carrie Ridge, massage therapy client


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