Elizabeth Danu

The Self Care Specialist

Wellness Coaching and Energy Healing

If you have a specific wellness goal that you would like to achieve, I would love to help you get there.  The way I work is a comprehensive energy healing and coaching process.  While I am on the phone with you, I am sending healing, assessing your energy field, and feeling for the connection between what you are talking with me about and how your energetic body is responding.  Whatever your goal, we will approach it mentally, physically, and energetically. One hour will help you gain clarity about how to most effectively approach your goal, and will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

One hour introductory energy healing and coaching session:  $149.00



For powerful and lasting results, we can work together for a longer period.  My 13 week program includes:

*  Initial assessment, one hour

*  Twelve 30 minute weekly coaching calls

*  audio downloads of each session, within 48 hours of the call

* a weekly accountability summary, with plenty of encouragment

* full email access

We will set an intention on the first call, and keep that intention top of mind as we work.  The goal is to take the struggle out of self care, and make the process of change a comfortable, mindful, and SUCCESSFUL process.  You will find me solidly in your court, and very accessible!


The investment for the program is $1105.00 if paid in full, or three payments of $385.00.

Wellness Coaching Package, choose your option


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