Elizabeth Danu

The Self Care Specialist

For Healers

I know.  You say you are not a healer, that the client does the healing, you just facilitate.  Yes, that is very true.  And for simplicity, I call you a Healer, because you move in the world with the intention that healing will take place.  Someone has to hold that intention. It’s you, and for that you have my deepest respect and appreciation.

You are the one I especially feel for, as you maneuver your commitments to your clients, your family, and yourself.  I am here to encourage you to treat yourself as the most precious resource on the planet, because you are.

It’s a fascinating time, and a terrifying one.  We as a species cannot continue to do things as we have. I feel confident that we are on the same page about how we need to care for the planet.  We can’t keep using up first and replenishing later.  Guess what?  Neither can you!  I believe that when we, the healers, start living the paradigm of responsible stewardship (we are the resource folks) our own integrity will have a magical, magnetic, catalytic impact on the world we are here to change.

I had to embody this truth to beat my cancer diagnosis in 2007, and I found that the more I did, the greater my capacity became to really make a difference in the world after I got well.  If you’re a massage therapist, I have a website especially for you.  You can go www.thrivingmassagetherapist.com and get my report on how to earn more and work less.  Why?  So the precious resource that is you can last longer, be more fully and beautifully expressed, and have the impact you dreamed of when you chose the work you do.

Long, healthy careers in the Healing Arts instead of short ones exponentially multiplies what we can do in the world. You go!  Thrive! Prosper!  Do it for years, joyfully, impactfully, and develop the master that comes with longevity and perspective.  Everyone will benefit.





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