Elizabeth Danu

The Self Care Specialist

Dynamic Wellness


Dynamic wellness becomes progressively easier with dedicated self care.

Your body is infinitely wise. It will tell you when it needs rest, what kind of food it would like, what movement would feel good.

Your spirit speaks to your body all the time. When your spirit has expression through your body you have energy for life. Joy and disease do not coexist peacefully.

The pursuit of health has become such a chore for people. It doesn’t have to be that way. Caring for yourself can be an extraordinary adventure that leads into deeper and deeper satisfaction with the life you’re always creating.

Taking good care of yourself is the best investment you can possibly make.

Self care is love in action. When I care for the temple that houses my spirit, my spirit is happy. When my spirit is happy, I will expand, take risks, be creative, give back. When my heart is open I will find my own treasures there, and share them. When my body is rested, well fed and tranquil, my mind is not so cluttered and I can be patient and focused. In this way I have more to give to others and to myself. In this way everything I give to others is mine also.

If you’re out of practice with your self care, you’re not alone. None of us do it perfectly. Perfection is a myth anyway. The journey towards making your body hum with happiness is an ongoing adventure, and whatever signpost you’ve reached today is perfect.




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