Elizabeth Danu

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Aromatherapy Alternatives to Lavender

from the Yahoo Voices Alternative Health Featured Contributor Archives Sometimes Lavender is not the best choice, or you may be tired of it since it is everywhere. Try these equally soothing alternatives. When you think of aromatherapy, perhaps Lavender comes to mind. It’s been called “the universal balm” by aromatherapists for years. It is good […]


I hope you had a beautiful, restful Thanksgiving! Whether you cooked, potlucked, or just showed up as guests, I hope the spaciousness of the day provided rest and comfort.  I love this holiday.  I always feel restored and peaceful after this day every year.  I do truly try to be grateful every day, but sometimes […]

You don’t need to be fixed. You need to be cared for.

Being cared for means that the right conditions are present for you to thrive. Many things can qualify as care.  What is the best care for me may not be what enables you to thrive.  What I do know is that willing myself to do things because I should never works as well for me […]

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