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How to Choose A Skilled Massage Therapist

I get asked this question a lot. “How do I find somebody good?” “I don’t live in the Bay Area.  Can you recommend anyone?” “How can I tell if someone knows what they’re doing?” The world of massage therapy is still inconsistent.  Some states regulate a lot, some a little.  Even regulations won’t necessarily guarantee […]

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Seven Years of Gratitude

This month is a milestone.  It just crashed into my awareness on Sunday, as I was taking my daughter and her friend shopping.  We were driving along, and saw a man on a bicycle with a little trailer behind him.  There was a dog in it, and the sight was just so funny!  We pulled […]

The Care and Feeding of Empaths

I had a delicious day today, and I’m worn out. I had an amazing experience last Thursday, and it got me to thinking of an old skill in a new way.  I work in a hospital, and I had a request for Reiki for a little 6 month old boy.  The mother had heard from […]

Dynamic Wellness

  Dynamic wellness becomes progressively easier with dedicated self care. Your body is infinitely wise. It will tell you when it needs rest, what kind of food it would like, what movement would feel good. Your spirit speaks to your body all the time. When your spirit has expression through your body you have energy for […]

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