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The Self Care Specialist


When I was a kid, my father called me a crank.    elizabethdanu

I was reading books like the Sugar Blues and Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adele Davis. I regaled my family with warnings about our terrible eating habits. I was interested in yoga, the chakra system, zen, and any other “out there” books I could get my hands on.  My lawyer dad hid them in his room, hoping I would lose interest.  I stole them back. It was 1975 and I was 13.

Years later, I was still interested in well-being, and I was also interested in psychology. At the University of Washington, I struggled to figure out whether I should major in music or psychology. I never did choose, instead racking up credits in both. For my 26th birthday, my mom gave me a series of professional massages.  Just getting fully present in my body was a revelation. Ultimately I became a massage therapist, intending to do this very satisfying work to fund my musical career.

That journey began in 1990. What I didn’t expect was that it would give me license to continue my explorations into the connection between body, mind and heart that fascinated me.  I was a busy massage therapist from the beginning, and that quickly evolved into a satisfying career. I absorbed everything I could, from Eastern modalities and energy work to physiology and pathology. I became part of the faculty at the National Holistic Institute, and had the opportunity to teach everything on the curriculum and to write some of it. I was as comfortable teaching the energy work series as I was teaching Sports Massage and Swedish. I especially loved the Personal Development classes.  I met my goal to teach it all and left after five years, when I was expecting my first child.

I also continued my own studies. I delved into the chakra system, Reiki, and other Eastern anatomy disciplines, and I was one of the founding members of a massage therapy program at Mills Health Center in Northern California, one of the first of its kind in 1997. At the Institute for Health and Healing at California Pacific Medical Center, I embarked on a year-long certificate program in Integrative Medicine and Spirituality with a focus on inpatient massage.

The ultimate test of my  commitment came in 2007, when I was diagnosed with stage IIIC Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I chose to integrate the best of what Western medicine had to offer with everything I knew about supporting my body holistically. I did not know my odds and I’m glad I didn’t. I beat them, and that was my intention. You can read the story of that journey here if you would like to.

Today, I continue to synthesize what I know from various disciplines to achieve the best health and ultimate well-being that I can achieve for myself and for my clients. I believe that health begins with having a life you love on every level.  Congruence is my own personal creed, and I believe it is the key to everything. Creating my life as the most perfect expression of my spirit in the world has been my joyful commitment since I emerged from cancer into a healthy middle age. I believe that each of us will thrive when we find that perfect expression in our own lives, and it is my commitment to help as many people to do this as I can in this most wonderful and amazing lifetime.

Currently I spend my time doing things that delight me and nothing that doesn’t.  I am available to support you in any way I can to live a life that is joyful and vibrantly healthy.  I provide massage therapy to pediatric patients at a local hospital and to private clients, currently by personal referral only. You can find out more about my wellness coaching programs here. I write, teach, sing and get on stage whenever possible.

Wishing you outrageously vibrant health!

You can contact me at elizabeth@elizabethdanu.com.

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