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624164_1503664596_1697105255_n facebook photoIf you’re too busy to stop long enough to figure out how to take care of yourself, take a breath…it’s part of life in this century and I’m here to help.  I’ve been there, along with so many others.

Have you ever made it to the end of a busy day, knowing that you are exhausted and need to sleep, but you stay up because you finally have a moment to enjoy your own company?

Do you wonder sometimes where the day went?

Taking care of yourself these days is one of the hardest things to do.  Life just gets faster and faster, we have to digest more and more information, and we are bombarded with stimuli competing for our increasingly fragmented attention.  When I talk with my clients about taking care of themselves, many of them acknowledge that they don’t even know where to start.

I have made a career out of self care, at least where creating wellness for others was concerned.  Then, in 2007, I had to make my own care a higher priority than it had ever been.  I had to do that to stay alive, and I did.  I’m here to take the mystery out of it, because the effort is well worth it in every respect.

This is what I love to write about, because I have come to believe that self care is actually the key to everything.  I look at it through different lenses, but the essence of it is the same.  Self care is the outward evidence of self love.  Self love is an invitation for the sweet soul of each of us to find fullest expression.  When the soul is expressed, life becomes magical.  I write about this for wellness seekers, cancer survivors and their families, and healers who need to remember that they can’t give what they don’t have.

I started with a CaringBridge blog, when I had a major whap on the head from Spirit in 2007.  I documented my journey with Inflammatory Breast Cancer there. Then I started The Liberation of Persephone, mostly to reassure others who faced IBC that I was still hanging around and doing fine.  That site has become my way to ease the journey for others if I can.  I wrote a number of articles on the now defunct (Waaa!) Yahoo Voices and was a Featured Contributor in Alternative Health.  I am slowly adding those articles here, since they are mine once again!

If you are a fellow Massage Therapist, my give-back blog is at www.thrivingmassagetherapist.com.  I have been blessed to be touching people for the last 23 years, and writing, coaching, and teaching is a way to keep doing that in an even bigger way.  I still maintain a busy massage practice, and work a few times a month at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital.  It’s been a beautiful path and I’m so glad to still be on it.

I believe deeply and passionately in the divinity in each one of us.  I attribute my good health and enthusiasm for life to my own commitment to living a life of full self expression. I also have fun like nobody’s business.  My big fun every week is singing with my a cappella quartet, Curious Blend, and doing theater with my daughter and spouse. These things make my heart sing.  What is it that puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face?

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Many Blessings!


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